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Real Estate Disclosures come primarily in the Seller's Disclosure Notice.   This is not, however, the only way that a seller or realtor make representations or "disclosures" about a house.  They are also made in flyers, websites, MLS listings and verbally by the realtors and sellers.  
There is nothing wrong with having a defect or condition with any home.  The issue is whether it is properly disclosed to buyers.  If any problem is disclosed, a fair negotiation can occur.  If problems, conditions and defects are hidden and concealed, the home buyer is left holding the "bag" and they have paid an unfair price for the house they now own. 
If you are concerned about real estate disclosure on any subject or matter, simply review the pages in this section for more information and feel free to call or contact us.  We will answer your question at no cost to you. 
Real Estate Disclosures are required for the sale of residential property under the Texas Property Code, Section 5.008.  Section 5.008 requires that specific items be listed and acknowledged by the seller in any sale of residential property.  The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC), the Texas agency that regulates real estate agents and brokers, creates and provides its own form that most real estate agencies use.  However, there is no requirement that the TREC form be used, only that the required information is on the disclosure. 
Real Estate Disclosures are signed by the Seller(s) to acknowledge that they are true and correct.  In addition, the seller has to date the Sellers' Disclosure


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